Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center

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Core exam: 350-601
Concentration exams (choose one): 300-610 / 300-615 / 300-620 / 300-625 / 300-630 / 300-635
Per Exam Cost: USD $2500
Package Cost: USD $5000

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Application Requirement:

For application, please fill the information and we will send the payment information to you.

After you transfer the first payment(single exam is full payment), we will complete your tests within 5 business days.

and let you check the test result in Cisco CSCO website (

then you can pay the next payment until all tests passed (if you take more than 1 test).

Cisco CCNP Data Center practice exam

The core exams in each CCNP technology path also provide as qualifying exams for CCIE lab exams. Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and switching checks to prepare, execute, verify and troubleshoot confined and wide-area enterprise networks and work collaboratively with experts on advanced security, tone of voice, wireless and video solutions. The certifications verify the extensiveness and intensity of your knowledge, covering the core concepts that cover up a technology area while also providing the flexibility to opt a focus area. Every proficient level certification core exam and concentration exam can be selected based on your option, and absolutely you can concentrate on your interests and needs.
The Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP certification validates the skills mandatory for expert professional level job roles and responsibilities. With Cisco’s new CCNP, you can go for a core knowledge track and a determined concentration exam to modify your professional-level certification. Cisco CCNP Data Center practice test i.e. Cisco CCNP Data Center practice exam helps you to score high. With our free CCNP Certification Practice Test and Cisco CCNP practice Exam is accurately what you require to get ready for your CCNP final exam. Our complimentary CCNP Data Center Practice Exams gives you the option to categorize any knowledge gaps so that you can improve your study strategy and make sure a passing score in Cisco CCNP Data Center 350-601 and get certification.

CCNP Data Center exam

CCNP certified professionals can work with complex nearly 100 to 500 nodes LAN or a Wide Area Network technology which includes Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, X.25, Frame Relay, and ATM. To earn CCNP certification, you have to pass two exams and they are a core exam and an enterprise focus exam of your preference. Every exam in the CCNP Enterprise will obtain an individual expert certification, so you get prominent for your accomplishments along the way. Cisco Certified Network Professional is a superior level Cisco certification. Getting CCNP certified ensures that the candidate is familiar to plan, organize, and function routed WAN, switched LAN, and Remote Access networks using Cisco products. A CCNP certified professional is talented and have working or sophisticated knowledge with TCP or Internet Protocol, IPX, and AppleTalk network environments.

Concentration exams focus on promising and industry-specific topics such as network design, SD-WAN, wireless, and automation. You can prepare for Cisco CCNP Data Center test by taking Cisco CCNP Data Center training courses. The core exam mainly focus on your perceptive of enterprise infrastructure simultaneously with dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, system assurance, security, and computerization. The core exam is also the eligible exam for CCNP Data Center certifications. Passing the core exam will meet the criteria of candidates to schedule and take the CCIE lab within the legitimacy of their core exam.

Earn CCNP Data Center certification

Cisco CCNP Data Center test tutorial is offered to reveal the various question formats. Exams other than CCIE lab exams are carried out through online, with questions in series, and do not allow a candidate to mark and revisit to an exam question. Cisco CCNP Data Center cost is inexpensive. Candidates will be offered with a note board which can be erasable and marker for taking notes and calculations to support them as they respond to the questions. To earn CCNP certification, you must pass the Cisco CCNP Data Center exam. Exams can be very tricky, going beyond trouble-free recall and requiring candidates to connect in on the job types of problem solving. Questions include various choices with single answer, multiple choice several answers, drag and drop, fill in the blank and simulation.

All non-scored items are erratically placed in the exam with enough time calculated and given to complete the whole exam. At the end of computer-based exams, candidates obtain a score report along with a score breakout by exam segment and the passing score for the specified exam. Cisco will not leak out exam passing scores. Cisco CCNP Data Center exams might contain non-scored items to assemble performance data on new items. Non-scored items are not used in determining the passing score nor are reported in a section of the score report.

Cisco CCNP Data Center 350-601 certification


Before using a logo, you must examine and admit the Cisco Certifications Logo Agreement. You can also download logos via the Certifications Tracking System. The CCNP Data Center Certification allows candidates to gain a broader scope of understanding and skills in the ever changing situation of security technologies. This certification also provides a group of options for security professionals. Get your certification with less Cisco CCNP Data Center cost. If you get certification you can get guaranteed Cisco CCNP Data Center jobs with mind blowing Cisco CCNP Data Center salary. This can be done with the help of Cisco CCNP Data Center practice test also known as Cisco CCNP Data Center practice exam. Within 24 hours of passing your certification exam you will get an email advising you on the subsequent steps. You must complete the ladder to activate the fulfilment process. The Cisco Certification tracking system will keep a record on exam and certification status. Maintain your contact information up to date to get notifications about your certification. After you are certified, you will be allowed to use the Cisco CCNP Data Center 350-601 Certification logo that identifies your grade.


Receiving your CCNP Certification is an ideal step to take if you are successful towards or right now maintaining a highly developed, professional-level security profession. While there are no official fundamentals, candidates often have several years of experience in implementing security solutions. The Cisco CCNP Data Center jobs are more paid i.e. Cisco CCNP Data Center salary will be more when compared to other industry. The CCNP Data Center certification program is divided into two components. Candidates commence by becoming well versed in the core technologies that involve everyone working in the field. From there, candidates decide to choose a security focus area they would like to practise. Every candidate is given the equal, consistent foundation to work with, followed by the chance to develop into a precise career.

High paying CCNP data center jobs opportunities

Through the test, you can assertively apply for jobs and recognize roles associated to your field. Even if you are not a college graduate, you can build confidence because you have proven to be one of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in a quickly growing industry. As we all know, a Cisco-certified IT professional’s salary is privileged than that of its uncertified colleagues. Passing 350-601 will win you the CCIE security expert certificate, which will provide you with outstanding high-paying job opportunities. With the new Cisco certification program, you must give the core exam before taking the CCNP data centre exam for your focus area. Three hundred fifty thousand seven hundred one is designed for IT professionals who want to obtain CCNP Data Center, CCIE Security, and Cisco Certified Professional-Security Core certification. If you want to attain the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP certification, you must first pass the 350-601 or the Cisco Security Core Technology Exam for operation and procedure. After passing the Cisco 350-601, you can take the CCNP Data Center exam. After passing the 350-601 exams, you will be regarded as a Cisco Certified Expert-Security Core, and you will be qualified to take the CCNP or CCIE Security certification exam.

You will be trained security for networks, cloud and content, endpoint protection, secure network access, visibility, and enforcements. You will get wide-ranging hands-on experience deploying Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Cisco ASA Firewall; configuring access control policies, mail policies, and 802.1X Authentication; and more. The Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP Data Center certification is an exceptional credential that can authenticate your LAN and WAN networks’ capability to execute and troubleshoot. With this certification, you can collaborate with specialists on issues describing to accent, wireless, sophisticated security, and video solutions. The CCNP Data Center exam consists of two parts in which it contains a written test or 350-601 and an exam associated to CCNP Data Center. With all the advantages of the CCNP Data Center certification exam, IT professionals who desire to advance to a career hope to obtain the CCNP Data Center badge. If you want to pass 350-601 exams take online certification training course. In this course, you will master the skills and technologies you need to implement core Cisco security solutions to offer advanced threat protection against cybersecurity attacks.

Practice the CCNP data center test

The CCNP is best suitable for individuals with at least one year of network experience, such as network engineers, systems engineers, support engineers, and network technicians. In many cases, it’s not compulsory to obtain a Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA certification before getting a CCNP certification. CCNP data center salary potential increases. According to Cisco, persons who have the CCNP certification earn a certain percent more than those who do not when compared to a colleague working at the same company and in the same position. Those with a CCNP are matched to pursue careers as IT Team Leader, Network Analyst, or Network Administrator. CCNP allows you to maintain up with the most recent technology.  This certification will offer you an edge over co-workers who do not possess it. It’s a good quality resume booster. Potential employers look at three main points on a resume: education, skills, and work experience. Degrees along with certifications make you a more competent employee. This certification makes you a decisive asset and shows guidance that you’re willing to excel in your field. The job growth increases. When it comes to bonuses and promotions, employers are seeing for employees going above and away from the set expectations. With this certification, you’ll be predictable as someone who has some of the most complex training in the industry. Employers will think more confident knowing that you can hold any pending changes or challenges in the upcoming days.

If your organization uses Cisco technologies in their networks or systems, the CCNP Data Center is just one of the best tools to display advanced proficiency in implementing the interior security technologies that Cisco has accessible. Whether it’s for networks, cloud, endpoints, system access or visibility, Cisco’s next-generation firewalls and adaptive security application firewalls are unrivalled in their competence in securing and providing sophisticated threat protection. This training will organize you to take the test that proves your knowledge in them. If you’ve got numerous years of experience in cybersecurity, the CCNP Data Center should be a landmark you’re planning for, and this guidance can help make sure you reach it. By at the present in your career, you may have encountered many of the fundamentals featured in the exam, but this preparation makes sure there’s nothing you may have ignored or not practised. If you’re totally brand new to the cybersecurity career field, be confident that the CCNP Data Center certifying exam isn’t a advanced challenge than you’re prepared for. This guidance can help you get ready for it, but it does rely on all-embracing initial knowledge in cybersecurity practices. The Cisco Certified Network Professional Security certification is a trained level networking certification accessible by us. CCNP Data Center certification trainers are rather experienced and they are accomplished of educating the students on the newest network security trends. We offer these network security certification programs. This network security certification program has been systematically conceived to guarantee that it augments the career prospects of all the students. We continuously offer tailor-made practical classes and workshops for all the aspirants for the whole period of the course. Optimistically anyone who’s looking into the CCNP Data Center doesn’t need to be told that it’s a trademark of cybersecurity professionalism around the IT world.